Jan 132016

Glenwood Springs Post Independent
Fitness column: Get to know yourself before starting a weight-loss program
Glenwood Springs Post Independent
I get very excited when new clients walk into my door ready to start their weight loss program. After I introduce myself, we go straight to the body composition assessment. Based on their body composition, we start talking about their lives, desires

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Dec 302015
The Changing Value Equation in Pharmacy
Pharmacy Times
The new buzzword in health policy circles is value. Certainly, many of the coverage aspects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have been the subject of widespread and spirited discourse, but many of the less-politicized and less-talked-about elements of

Dec 292015

Health Costs Top $4.9 Trillion In 2015
Readers can decide whether this is good news or bad news: health costs likely exceeded $4.9 trillion in 2015 . Health policy wonks may scratch their heads at this figure, since the latest official figure released by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid