Jan 222016

Fox News
38 popular diets ranked from best to worst
Fox News
Happy New Year's resolution time! Are you looking to change up the way you eat? Well, you're not without choices, that's for sure. With so many diet plans out there, each promising their own version of better health, weight loss, or both, it's

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Jan 172016
Breaking through your weight loss plateau
A weight loss plateau is normal. Weight loss is not a straight line down; it is a lumpy, bumpy gradual slope downward. The more weight you lose, the slower your metabolism becomes, as it takes less calories to maintain a lighter body than a heavier one.

Jan 092016

Shreveport Times
Children's mental health system in transition
Shreveport Times
Youth mental health care is in the midst of another transition — leaving parents wondering about the quality of care they can expect for their children this year. As of Dec. 1, the Department of Health and Hospitals started to transition Medicaid

Dec 282015
10 tips to help stick with 2016 weight loss resolution
Millions of Americans will make the resolution this New Year to lose weight. But goal setting is the easy part. Staying on the weight loss track and maintaining that weight loss is where the challenges begin. Here are 10 tips to help you stick with