Aug 302014
New health care model tested in Burlington
That's unusual enough, but even more so is that this clinic has an educational side as well: the seven primary care-givers are all faculty members at the University of Vermont College of Nursing and Health Sciences. Appletree Bay Primary Care opened Aug.

Jun 102014

VANCOUVER, Wash., June 10, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Until this past week, most headlines screamed that diet sodas offer no benefit over regular soda, contribute to weight gain and have other harmful effects like causing cancer, increased risk of stroke and Alzheimer's disease. But now that's all changing due to a recent study showing diet soda might, in fact, help with weight loss. The results seem …

Jan 302014

If weight loss were as simple as reducing calories and running on the treadmill we would all be thin. There are many factors contributing to our expanding waist line and that is why diets generally don’t work.