Dec 272015
Outrage over 'Stop being a fat bitch' plan by Lola Berry
Australian nutritionist and author Lola Berry — who describes herself as being “inspired to better everyday lives” — announced the release of her controversial weight loss program on Facebook over the weekend. “STOP BEING A FAT BITCH! It's here!
Lola Berry slammed after launching weight loss program 'Stop Being A Fat B****'Daily Mail

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Dec 192014

The Economist
Electronic cigarettes and health
The Economist
THERE are few more reliable routes to an early grave than cigarette smoking. But despite the dangers, nicotine addicts find it almost impossible to kick the habit. Half of those who try to stop “cold turkey” will fail within a week. Fewer than 5

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Jul 312014
Study: Online behavioral intervention improves weight loss outcomes
ShapeUp While adding in-person group support sessions to a weight loss program produces the best results, adding just an online behavioral intervention can produce results nearly as good, at a much lower cost. Those are the findings from a 230-person …