Jan 042016

Regal Tribune
Weight Loss Programs Will Be Customized To Suit Your Genome
Regal Tribune
This is why weight loss programs will be customized to suit your genome in order to more efficiently boost your metabolic rate. This new technique developed by various study groups is dubbed precision weight loss. It consists of analyzing the patient's

Dec 242015

New York Times
A Patient Is Sued, and His Mental Health Diagnosis Becomes Public
New York Times
It was only later, Philip said in an interview, that he scanned the papers again and realized something else: The psychology group to which he had confided his innermost feelings had included his mental health diagnosis and treatments he received in …

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Dec 052015
Seattle pharmacy shares preliminary One-Step PrEP pilot results
Pharmacy Today, American Pharmacists Association, pharmacist.com
Kelley-Ross Pharmacy Group has released preliminary findings from One-Step PrEP. The pilot HIV prevention program, which launched in March, aims to increase access to prescriptions for the preexposure prophylaxis medication emtricitabine&#8211 …