Jan 282016
Treat Health Care More Like the Military
A lot of people are against single-payer health care. They say that's socialism, that's horrible, that's terrible. It's government involvement. The quality of our care will go down. We'll be like Canada. We can't afford it, etc. Republicans totally

Jan 192016

Huffington Post
Should You Use A Reverse Mortgage For Healthcare Expenses?
Huffington Post
The conclusion is that when facing long term healthcare expenses, few Americans have all that many options. Whether those expenses arise from hospital visits, ongoing treatment of chronic conditions or nursing care, income, insurance, Medicaid and …

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Jan 102016

'My Diet Is Better Than Yours' Trainers Share Their Best Weight-Loss Secrets
When it comes to dieting, the choices are seemingly endless: from Atkins to Paleo to Weight Watchers, it's easy to fall into the trap of picking one at random. How do you decide which diet plan works best? A new reality TV show called My Diet is Better
VIDEO: Get an Exclusive First Look at ABC's New Weight Loss Show My Diet is People Magazine
Chicago dietitian putting her weight-loss advice to the test on ABC showChicago Sun-Times
'My Diet Is Better Than Yours' Recap: Five Contestants Begin Their Weight Loss The Inquisitr
Shape Magazine
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Jan 072016

People Magazine
VIDEO: Get an Exclusive First Look at ABC's New Weight Loss Show My Diet is
People Magazine
Forget verbal beat downs from personal trainers – ABC's new weight-loss series My Diet Is Better Than Yours gives contestants the upper hand. Five competitors pick a trainer and accompanying diet plan that they believe will give them the best shot at …
Chicago dietitian puts her weight loss advice to the test on new ABC showThrive by Chicago Sun-Times

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Dec 312015

Nutritionist Lola Berry slammed over controversial title of weight loss program
Australian nutritionist Lola Berry has faced a barrage of online abuse from her social media followers over the title of her new four-week weight loss program. Ms Berry released the program, entitled 'Stop Being A Fat Bitch', on her Facebook page on
Lola Berry slammed after launching weight loss program 'Stop Being A Fat B****'Daily Mail
Australian nutritionist criticised over weight loss plan titled “Stop being a The Australian Women’s Weekly
Outrage over 'Stop being a fat bitch' plan by Lola BerryNEWS.com.au

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May 292015

Yahoo Health
Nutritionists Recommend the Perfect Dinner Equation For Weight Loss
Yahoo Health
Want to know how the last meal of the day can help you drop pounds? We've enlisted the expertise of two nutritionists — Stephanie Clarke, RD, and Willow Jarosh, RD, of C&J Nutrition — to share the perfect equation for what to eat for supper to help

Mar 312015
Highly effective and affordable weight loss program
Medical Xpress
"Not only did we see clinically significant weight loss by one-third of the participants, we were particularly intrigued by the high retention rate of the members compared with other costly commercial programs," said Nia Mitchell, MD, MPH (pictured