Dec 312015

News & Observer
Blue Cross offers free house calls, health tutorials, to keep down ACA costs
News & Observer
As health care costs soar for Blue Cross's ACA customers, the Chapel Hill insurer is cold-calling customers who use the ER as their go-to health care provider and setting up house calls to assess customers who don't have a primary care doctor. Here

Jul 192014
The skinny on a transformation: Massachusetts queen of weight loss, Dracut's
The Sun
Bev Sullivan of Dracut poses with the sash and crown she was awarded by the international TOPS Club (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) which declared her "State Queen" of Massachusetts for 2013 for shedding 150 pounds over 20 months from her peak weight …

Oct 122013
Facts and myths about weight loss
Buffalo News
These columns, which start today and run through Oct. 26, are based on research published in the New England Journal of Medicine regarding the facts and myths about weight loss. With science in hand, you can make smart choices going into the colder