Jan 112016

The Daily Progress
Weight loss resolution: A healthy start to a new year
The Daily Progress
“The weight loss medications can have serious side effects, such as a heart attack, life-threatening heart rhythm problems, weakness of the heart muscle and many other health issues,” he warned. “In summary, a healthy approach to prevent and treat

Jan 102016

Chicago Daily Herald
Why resistance training is important for weight loss
Chicago Daily Herald
Although many people realize the importance of diet and exercise, few fully understand the value of resistance training and how it may be one of the most important types of exercise for long-term weight loss. Adding just 2-3 workouts per week can have

Jan 052016

Huffington Post
Home Health Aides: Unsung Health Care Heroes
Huffington Post
In private out-of-pocket financed home health care there's widespread "under the table" hiring by cash strapped families; avoiding taxes, immigration laws, employment laws, and home health regulations. These arrangements are potentially risky for

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Jan 022016

Yahoo Health
U.S. Army Wants to Learn How Military Rations Affect Gut Health
Yahoo Health
Digestive health is really getting its place in the spotlight these days, with new findings constantly being released on the importance of the bacteria in our guts and how that bacteria impacts other bodily functions and organs (even our brains!). And
US Army wants you to eat MREs for 21 days straightCNN

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Dec 262015

Maui Now
Enrollment in Healthcare.gov Extended for Eligible Hawaiʻi Residents
Maui Now
The State of Hawaiʻi has negotiated an agreement to offer a special enrollment period for eligible Hawaiʻi residents from the Compact of Free Association nations who are seeking health care coverage through healthcare.gov. Governor David Ige …
COFA Citizens Get Break On Healthcare.govHonolulu Civil Beat
Healthcare.gov Enrollment Extended for Eligible Hawai'i ResidentsBig Island Now
Health care enrollment extended for eligible Hawaii residents from COFA nationsKHON2

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Dec 252015

WESH Orlando
New rules in effect for Florida pharmacists
WESH Orlando
The pharmacy rejections left patients to suffer, some spending their final days in crippling pain and others taking their own lives because of it. Thousands have shared their stories with WESH 2 News and state leaders have recognized the problem and

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Dec 242015
Diet Doc's Medical Weight Loss Programs Help Patients, who are Determined to
GlobeNewswire (press release)
Diet Doc's medical weight loss programs include specially formulated prescription hormone treatments that eliminate cravings and fatigue, suppress the appetite, improve the mood and burn fat four times faster than other diet products on the market today.

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Nov 062015

Los Angeles Times
Brain Stimulation May Help People Lose Weight: Study
A small new report found that non-invasive brain stimulation lowered calorie consumption and increased weight loss among a small number of obese adults, suggesting a possible out-of-the-box intervention for obesity. In the new study, published
Could electrical stimulation to the brain help with weight loss? A new study Los Angeles Times
Could electrical stimulation to the brain help with weight loss? Study shows Medical Xpress
New Technique Stimulates Your Brain and Helps You Lose WeightDay News

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Aug 082015

The Hill
Hospitals, insurers spar over healthcare mergers
The Hill
The American Hospital Association (AHA) on Wednesday wrote to the DOJ's antitrust division, raising concerns about two major recently proposed health insurance company mergers: one between Anthem and Cigna and the other between Aetna and …
The Coming Healthcare InflationForbes
Another View — Robert B. Hackey: NH's health insurance marketplace has been a The Union Leader

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Aug 062015

New York Times
No, Giving More People Health Insurance Doesn't Save Money
New York Times
This argument for the cost savings from universal health coverage makes some intuitive sense, but it's wrong. There's strong evidence from a variety of sources that people who have health insurance spend more on medical care than people who don't.
4 factors affecting your 2016 healthcare billWashington Examiner

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