Jan 292016

Walmart Closes In Mansfield Leaving Town With No Pharmacy
MANSFIELD (KFSM)–Thursday (Jan. 28) was the last day for the 10 Arkansas Walmarts that were set to close. At least one of those stores left a town without a pharmacy, the location in Mansfield. “It was a surprise when they built it, and it was even a

Jan 242016

Hillary's big healthcare con: The cynical myth she keeps repeating about Bernie Sanders and single-payer
Clinton, who has racked up just under $3 million from the healthcare industry in speaking fees over the past two years, has publicly dismissed the “Medicare-for-all” model proposed by Bernie Sanders as well as the publicly administered health insurance …
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Debate Sharpens Over Single-Payer Health Care, But What Is It Exactly?NPR
US Health Care Is Less Private, More 'Socialist' Than You Might ThinkWBUR
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