Aug 092015
Walk raises health awareness for African American families
“African American males are dying from preventable diseases at nearly 10 times the rate of other men, and it is this fact that drives the mission of the AAMWW. It is our responsibility to raise awareness, educate, and guide our men to avenues of better

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Aug 022015

WPTZ The Champlain Valley
Weight loss: Choosing a diet that's right for you
WPTZ The Champlain Valley
Before starting a weight-loss program, talk to your doctor. He or she can review any medical problems that you have and any medications that you take that may affect your weight, and provide guidance on a program that may be best for you. And you can …
Diet Doc's Medical Weight Loss Programs Keep the Fat Burning Gates Open for Satellite PR News (press release)

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Jul 302015

Aspen Times
Aspen Times Weekly: Why eclectic Carl's Pharmacy is an Aspen icon
Aspen Times
Carl's Pharmacy on Main Street, one of Aspen's last winks to Norman Rockwell's America — sans the soda fountain — turns 50 on Oct. 1. For the Bergman family, who bought the business when LBJ was president and Sandy Koufax was the best pitcher in …

Jan 132015
Is Sleep a Part of Your Weight Loss Program?
Huffington Post
Most people take a common set of steps when preparing to lose weight. Pick an activity. Pick a diet. Cut out junk food. Pick a start date. Recruit support. One step, however, is typically missed, and recent research suggests it is as important as